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Aether-Midgardsormr-Mist-Ward 13-Plot 2
Sunday & Monday 10pm - 2am EST

Take a step back in time to days long passed where horse-drawn carriages and the age of steam power reigned supreme. With a touch of aether, we propel forward into a new era where steam and technology collide, creating an entirely new environment to behold in the world of Eorzea.
The end of days is upon us; rEVILations has come at last.


rEVILations is an 18+ Aether nightclub and lounge bringing Steampunk and Deviants together for a one of a kind experience. We offer a curious menu, an array of gorgeous, top notch companions, a gambler who will take all your gil and make you feel good about it, and a musical playlist like none you've experienced. We also feature live entertainment, voyeur shows, raffles, and a turn of the century elevator!

The Bar

Gunslingers and Daydreamers; Come one, Come All

Take a moment to chat with our bartenders, and order something from our unique menu! We always aim to please, and if we can't make you smile at least once, the cheesecake is on us.

Entertainment Services

A Little Bit of Deviance Never Hurt Anyone

High Quality. High Expectations.

rEVILAtions seeks to provide the highest quality courtesans and dancers available on Aether.
Each of our courtesans undergo live test interviews which is graded on grammar, punctuation, personality, response times, and emoting. They are then put into a trial period of employment to determine how they perform with their peers and patrons alike.

We offer a money back guarantee on trial courtesans should they not meet the expectations of the client.



30 minutes - 50k
Performed in public areas of the club

30 minutes - 80k
Private dance in a room


One courtesan of your choosing
30 minutes - 100k
60 minutes - 200k

Make it a double! Who wouldn't mind a threesome?
30 minutes - 200k
60 minutes - 400k

When you want to watch your partner be naughty
30 minutes - 150k
60 minutes - 300k

Oh, boy. Three courts vs. one brave soul.
30 minutes - 250k
60 minutes - 500k

The Studio

Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it

Araphel Akamine

Head of rEVIL Studios